Artificial Life Forms


When: 2023-2024 (currently in production)
Where: München/Salzburg
Exhibition: to be announced

The installation „Artificial Lifeforms“ deals with the reciprocal interplay between artificial intelligence and biological evolution in the Anthropocene. Generalized expectations of technical innovations in the field of AI resemble in some respects the never-ending search for the Holy Grail and thus in some respects take on an almost religious character. External influences such as profit or political/ideological competition often distort the innovative result and prevent responsible research.

At the heart of the project are specific diffusion models that were trained by the artists using specially created data sets (photographs, text prompts, etc.). The starting point for the artistic exploration was the entomological collection of the father of one of the artists. For aesthetic and conceptual reasons, selected insects from the collection were photographed with their eyes and extremities facing the camera lens / viewer (in contrast to the characteristic scientific methodology). Using artificial intelligence, a „micro-evolution“ of artificial life forms is created over the course of the exhibition, which develop their own „granular languages“ on an auditory level. The „creation“ of new life forms is symbolized with abstractly suggested Gergorian chorales.

Preview Video (2023)