If We Vanish


When: 2021
Where: Germany and India
Fund: Goethe Institute, International Coproduction Fund
Initiator: Nikhil Nagaraj & Felix Deufel

a revelation of acoustic and visual harmonies, the innocent but significant patterns of the blue planet

If we Vanish is an immersive audio-visual contemporary dance performance presenting an artistic study about some of the most quiet and secluded places in the world. The project was initiated by Nikhil Nagaraj and Felix Deufel following a series of audio field recordings of these isolated spots. The two sound artists and a visual artist along with a solo performer explore the aesthetic representation of these endangered soundscapes and further scout its potential of mutations, which can be caused by the impact and presence of mankind. In the performance this second layer of transforming the space and its characterization is derived by tracking the body and gestures of the dancer.

It can be seen as the interactive variable, which interpolates in a purely natural dataset and which of course will appear in several states of awareness. A three dimensional interstice created by spatial sound arrangements and a depth generating projection mapping surrounds the audience and will aurally and visually transport them into a tropical jungle, the middle of a desert or into the dark of one of the deepest caves in the world. This performance presented in a 3D audio format showcases the most pristine, untouched ecologically diverse environments, which have been excluded from human inter- actions for thousands of years, but are now in danger of becoming non-existent.