Mainshow German Pavilion Floriade


When: 2022
Where: Amsterdam
Client: Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft
Agencies: InsGlück, Grosse8

The German Pavilion consists of a garden with the theme „Biotopia – Growing Society“. In the German Garden, you will discover vivid examples of modern, resource-saving horticulture. In a playful way, possibilities for the green cities of the future are shown. At the center of the garden is an open space surrounded by a wooden pavilion that symbolizes the modern city. The pavilion features a roof garden, solar panels, wind turbines, green facades, a water playground and much more.

The exhibition’s main show serves as a central point where the visitor’s collected points are evaluated, reflecting their engagement with the exhibition’s various subthemes. These subthemes revolve around the theme of the sustainable city of the future and include aspects such as regional products, renewable energy, social networks, educational facilities, and green spaces in urban areas. Visitors play an active role in shaping the future city based on the subthemes they choose.

For example, those interested in renewable energy will see the city’s rooftops adorned with solar panels and wind turbines. An RFID band that visitors wear accumulates points based on how they interact with the exhibits. At the Mainshow, visitors drop their RFID bands into designated bins, and the system evaluates the collected data and displays it as percentages.